I am Natasha,

I believe Product Management
is an intricate dance of 
Science & Art.

I assist companies in their journey
towards becoming Product-Led by
guiding them through transformations
and navigating competitive markets.


Developing and executing on a Vision-Led Product Framework

Product  Strategy

    Product Vision & Strategy Workshops

    Market Research, Competitive Analysis

    Identifying Key Outcomes for the product

    Creating a Strategic Plan

Ideation / Design

    Conduct Customer Discovery interviews

    Prototype, Iterate and Innovate

    Develop a Customer Journey (B to B to C)

    Feature Prioritization


    A Strategic Roadmap aligning with Outcomes

    Developing robust Architecture to help scale

    Optimizing process by applying Agile mindset

    Help Documentation & Training Videos

Go to Market

    Market Segmentation

    Revenue Model

    Pricing Bundling & Packaging 

    Tracking Metrics

Coaching & Mentoring Teams

    Build a winning team that consists of:

    Business, Technical & Analytics PMs

    UX Designers

    Product Operations

    Documentation Specialists

Product Consulting

    Serving as an interim product person to help:

    Product Vision and Strategy

    Producing delightful Product Designs (UX)

    Create Roadmap, Feature Prioritization, GTM

    Product Mgmt. Coaching and Mentoring

Natasha Matthews - Product Management Consulting


I found my passion when I began my career in Product, a practice that allows me to combine my creative and analytical sides in a way that brings out the best in both. I consider myself a visionary, and I thrive on both strategic planning and diving into the technical details to solve everyday problems.

Having been born, raised, lived, and worked in different countries, my diverse background has allowed me to assimilate into various cultures. I was born in India and spent a significant part of my childhood in Malaysia and Singapore before returning to India.

I completed my Bachelor's Degree in Engineering at the Manipal Institute of Technology and worked in India, London, and Finland before moving to the United States in 2006. During my time as an IBM consultant, I had the opportunity to live and work in six different states across the country. However, I now call Southern California my home.

Apart from my passion for building customer-centric products, I have several interests that keep me engaged. I relish reading books and watching documentaries, and some of my favorite works include "Never Split the Difference," "Shoe Dog," and "Sapiens." My love for movies has helped me hone my storytelling skills, while my fascination with psychology has given me a deeper insight into human emotions. I also cherish going on backcountry hikes and camping trips, experimenting with cooking, and exploring my artistic side through painting.


My Portfolio

RAIVEN (B2B & B2C Startup)

VP of Product Strategy

2023 - Present

Role: Led the development and execution of our purchasing platform's product-led growth strategy and oversaw a diverse team organized into four strategic pods, focusing on advancing electrification across B2B, B2C, and B2B2C markets.

Key Learnings: Developing B2B Solutions on platforms like Shopify, launching white-labeled consumer platforms for EV chargers and  implementing automated order processing, all contributing to enhanced business efficiency and growth in the electrification sector.

ADP (Enterprise)

Director of Product Management

2015 - 2018

Role: Led a 107 million USD, 5-year transition and modernization of ADP's 30-year-old core tax engine, including developing a strategy and design for a single back-end service (API) that unified client identity across 7 client-facing products and 8 internal systems for client profile management.

Key Learnings: Driving digital transformation of legacy products to facilitate cross-functional product thinking by conducting workshops, implementing change management, and scaling product teams.

VERIFI powered by VISA (B2B Startup)

Director of Product Management 

2019 - 2021

Role: Reimagined, rebuilt, and launched a self-service chargeback recovery product on Visa's platform using the product-led growth strategy overseeing M&A, and executing migration, marketing, and pricing strategies.

Key Learnings: Implementing both quantitative and qualitative research to champion product-led growth, with a focus on lead generation, monetization, and retention. Incorporate a low-touch sales channel into the go-to-market strategy to capture an untapped SMB market segment and drive acquisition.

IBM (Enterprise)

Product Leader

2005 - 2012

Role: Managed multiple engagement teams to provide innovative business solutions for Fortune 100 companies, encompassing product strategy, product definition, product evolution and growth, architecture design, technology implementation, and go-to-market strategy.

Key Learnings: Implementing design thinking focused on customer outcomes, and A/B testing for critical products while leading distributed teams and managing processes in a matrixed organization.


Who can benefit from my services?

Start Up Founders & CEO who:

    are struggling to transform your vision into a long-term product strategy.

    are looking to establish agile processes that foster a product-driven culture, enabling teams to fail, learn and iterate fast.

    want to implement product-led growth to improve revenue growth by enhancing acquisition, monetization, and retention. 

    require assistance with hiring, coaching, and mentoring to build and scale your product teams.

Enterprise Organizations who want to:

    modernize your existing platform but are struggling to drive change and establish alignment across your organization.

    consolidate similar products acquired through mergers and acquisitions (M&A) within the organization.

    establish agile processes that promote a product-driven culture and support scaling of the product teams.

    transform your organization from being driven by sales or engineering to a vision-led growth approach

How can I help?

For any organization, "Change" and "Transformation" can be hard.
I aim to make organizational change and transformation seamless for my clients by establishing a product-driven culture and implementing Vision-Led Product Management to grow their products and services.

Would you like to discuss how I can help you design and launch successful products?

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